Global Impact Middle School

Application Form   

1. Everyone can have a different reason to join YGA. What is the reason you want to join YGA and what goal do you think will contribute to your achievement?

2. a) Can you share something that you are passionate and you don’t realize how time flies when you are occupied with it.

    b) Imagine 20 years later, what are you aiming to do in the future regarding this subject?

Feyza Fulden Küçük
Program Koordinatörü
M: + 90 530 149 48 15

Gasia Çavuşyan

Program Koordinatörü
M: +90 536 923 43 33



Global Impact Middle School, Türkiye’de kurulan kâr amacı gütmeyen bir sivil toplum olan YGA'nın bir programıdır.